Classic tales & magical music

Goldilocks and The Frog Prince


This concert is appropriate for children ages 4 and older.


‘Someone’s been eating my porridge. Someone’s been sitting in my chair!’

Children of all ages will enjoy the exciting and mischievous adventures of Goldilocks and The Three Bears featuring a live orchestra, dancers from Patrick Studios Australia and narrator, Grant Smith.

Also on the program is the Brothers Grimm classic, The Frog Prince which tells the endearing tale of how a beautiful princess befriends an ugly frog, who magically transforms into a handsome prince.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre

Melbourne Recital Centre’s children’s programming is supported by The Hugh Williamson Foundation.


Babies under the age of two may attend free of charge without a ticket on the condition that they sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. Everyone else must hold a valid ticket.


Truly a wonderful and special experience taking my boys to the Melbourne Recital Centre. The orchestra was powerful and exquisite… A really pleasant and contrasting change to their typical experiences. We loved discussing all aspects of the performance all the way home.

KidSpot Mums Say

Cast & Crew

Grant Smith


Jo Beaumont


Patrick Studios Australia

The Goldilocks Orchestra