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The Little Match Girl Passion



Hans Christian Andersen’s renowned fable & a personal passion

The Song Company combines a near-forgotten historic masterpiece with a recent Pulitzer Prize-winning score in a poignant program which marks the Easter season.

David Lang’s The Little Match Girl Passion sets Hans Christian Andersen’s renowned fable as a highly personal passion, with its incorporation of biblical texts and crowd responses from Bach’s St Matthew Passion.

This melancholic pairing of Demantius’ pathos and Lang’s sobering narrative takes audiences to the heart of the Easter sacrifice.

The Song Company is one of Australia’s leading vocal ensembles. Since their formation in 1984, The Song Company has developed under the leadership of Artistic Director Roland Peelman. The group’s repertoire spans vocal music from the 10th century through to present day and is unique in its stylistic diversity.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and The Song Company


The Little Match Girl Passion

St John Passion

Gallus et Agnus

The Little Match Girl Passion


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As they enter their fourth decade, Australia’s most innovative vocal ensemble, The Song Company, continues to explore new territory and revisit the familiar. Let your imagination sing.


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