Imperial Bells of China

Imperial Bells


In a unique orchestral performance, the internationally acclaimed Hubei Chime Orchestra brings The Imperial Bells of China – Chimes in Concert to Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.

Zenghouyi Bells, Bianqing and other ancient instruments like the se, chi, drum and banjo are the earliest twelve-tone equal temperament instruments in the world and have major cultural and historical values.

Led by the conductor Zhou Wen, the talented musicians play a series of famous Chime music and Chinese classic folk music, including Sound of Peace, Bells-Impression of Chu and The Silk Road. The concert includes exquisite singing and the use of Chinese ancient musical instrument including ancient bells, xun, drums, harps, pan, pipes and Bamboo flutes.

The grand occasion of the Chinese palace symphony orchestra will be recreated and the ancient Jing Chu people’s artistic lifestyle will be reproduced on stage.

Presented by Ausfeng Events