Share the Music


Enrich the lives of our community’s most disadvantaged children and adults and fill their day with the joy of music.

There’s strong evidence to show that we benefit on many levels – emotional, intellectual, social and even physical – from the shared experience of live music. And this is what keeps us coming back. And as frequent concert-goers, we cherish the time spent listening to live music with others, and the lifetime of joy it has provided.

Donations ensure disadvantaged people in our community also have the opportunity to experience inspiring music in beautiful spaces. Since the program started in 2010, Share the Music has provided transport and tickets to over 1150 children and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds enabling them to attend concerts at the Centre.

We recently partnered with Insight Education and Vision Australia where visually-impaired children and adults attended To Sleep to Dream, an aural, surround-sound installation, for which sighted audience members were blindfolded. With its superb acoustics, the Recital Centre is a natural fit for such partnerships. Our aim over the next six months is to work more deeply with these organisations so their members can return for more concerts and ‘echo location’ workshops to explore our performance spaces. In coming months we’d also like to invite clients of Monash Health who suffer from debilitating mental health issues to visit the Centre. We hope to welcome back the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Music Group to the Centre for more live music experiences.

To both sustain and expand the program, we need your support.

Your donation ensures the power of music is enjoyed by people who would never otherwise be able to attend, giving them the chance to become a part of our community of music lovers; to connect with music, musicians and with each other.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. If you would prefer to donate by mail, you can use the downloadable form on this page.

For more information, please contact:
Development Department
P 03 9207 2664

Testimonial received 19 November, 2014:
“I want to personally thank you for the attention and support you extended to the Emmy Monash group today. To have our people included in such a special musical event at the Recital Centre places them back in the world, and that is so important.”
Pamela Bruder
Lifestyle & Life Enrichment Program Coordinator
Emmy Monash Aged Care

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