Melbourne Recital Centre

RFT Invitation: A New Website for Melbourne Recital Centre

Melbourne Recital Centre is excited to announce that the board of directors recently approved the Request For Tender process to deliver a new website for the Centre.

Please note this is an invited tender whereby tender applicants require demonstrated experience and success working with Tessitura, which is the Centre’s core business system for CRM, ticketing, philanthropy, digital integration, reporting and more.

Tender Information

Reference number: MRCWEBSITEREDEVELOPMENT-2023-2024-RFT
Invitation Issue Date: Monday 27 November 2023

Lodgement Process

Email with your submission including relevant attachments under 2MB and/or links to WeTransfer for secure download.


Melbourne Recital Centre is committed to a fair and equitable tender process, operating with openness and transparency.

Question period extended: The period for questions, requests or meetings for information will close at 1pm Friday 22 December 2023.

All questions, requests or meetings for information received during the questions and clarification period will be published accordingly on this page for the duration of the tender application process.

Closing time for tender submissions is 11:59pm Sunday 14 January 2024.

All questions and clarifications will be published here with responses as they are received.

Please email and

We will endeavour to respond and publish information within 48 business hours.

Questions & Answers

Could you elaborate on the Centre’s strategy for incorporating Tessitura into the new website, including all relevant details about this integration?

At its simplest, Melbourne Recital Centre requires website integration with the latest version of Tessitura, which the organisation will upgrade to prior to the launch of the new website as part of the process.

The Centre is a comprehensive user of the Tessitura application across all facets of the system, and already utilises Tessitura’s Remote Access Management Plan (RAMP) which is the secure, cloud-hosted, Tessitura owned version of the platform. The Centre is very interested in considering the Tessitura Network Express Web (TNEW) product and Tessitura’s Merchant Services platform in particular. The Centre remains open to a custom solution for integration with Tessitura, and will be considered as part of the evaluation. Tessitura offers more information for Web Integrators here.

Could you provide more information about the custom forms and the self-service options for customer service?

RE Forms:

The Centre has identified the need for a flexible custom forms builder within the CMS to collect information, registrations, submissions and more to be utilised by a range of different departments.

For example:

  • Marketing running a competition that requires entries to be submitted
  • Learning and Access opening registrations for a new program
  • Venue Hire operating an enquiry form
  • Ticketing administrating a Company Tickets Portal for staff
  • Development administrating a dietary requirements form for an upcoming function

These forms should be able to be built easily in the CMS and be easily customisable and owned by relevant team members. Functionality to send responses via email and exporting into various file types is important.

RE Self Service:

The Centre is keen to deliver functionality that empowers self-sufficiency and service in its users / visitors, and is open to drawing from popular online customer retail, service and eCommerce trends, that draws from the way the culture of convenience for users all stems from the technology in the palm of their hand.

For example:

  • Ticketbuyers processing their own exchanges
  • Donating their seats for resale
  • Frictionless payments and alternate payment method integrations – PayPal, Apple Pay etc
  • Personalisation of services and offerings
  • AI Chat for Customer Service
  • Share / Assign Tickets
  • Gift Voucher automation for user and recipient/s
  • Reprint / Resend Tickets
  • Value-adds
  • Guest Checkout
  • Connection to vetted resale marketplaces like TIXEL

Regarding Budget. Does the $400k include the post deployment 2 yr support component or will there be additional on-going budget for these services?

400k should include all costs for the financial year the website is launching in, with identified and clearly communicated costs for ongoing support, remediation scope, hosting etc for future years in the tender response.

Correct. Aspirationally the Centre is keen to accelerate its championing of access across all facets of the business and set itself up for sector leadership opportunities in this area, as we already are there in physical aspects of the business. (Music Victoria profiled MRC as best-practice in their review this year).

To confirm, the site to meet AA Accessibility standards, and aim for AAA where possible within the budget?

Correct. Aspirationally the Centre is keen to accelerate its championing of access across all facets of the business, and set itself up for sector leadership opportunities in this area, as we already are in physical aspects of the business.

Are you intending to sunset or merge subdomains and websites into the new platform? If so how many (approximately)?

Correct. Soundescapes / Stories / Impact subdomains will all be amalgamated into the website redevelopment, and the website will stand alone as a centralised digital hub for storytelling, connection, discovery, eCommerce, philanthropy, customer service, self-service and more.

Which version of Tessitura do you currently is currently in use?

We’re currently on V15, and will upgrade to V16 as part of this process in the new year. The Centre is already on RAMP and NSCAN which is great, and is open to TNEW, or a hybrid solution with TNEW incorporated. We understand custom integrations have come a long way in the last decade and therefore are open to pitches that address the RFT brief via a custom solution as well. The Centre is keen to move to Tessitura Merchant Services as part of this project too.

Are we able to get access to the Centre’s accessibility audit report, conducted by Music Victoria?

Click here to view the report.

Generally, what merchandise would you like to sell online and at the venue immediately and in the future?

Baseline for merchandise can include: programs, artist merchandise and packs, trinkets, digital downloads, pre-and-interval drink purchases, food and bev packages customised to particular performances,

Are there peak times when the waiting room? Can you expand on the waiting room functionality? How long would someone have to wait? Are there peak times when the waiting room would be necessary?

The Centre does multiple onsales each week, any one of these can trigger the waiting room. We use CrowdHandler which pipelines all users who are wanting to book tickets for any event on the website. This becomes challenging given the breadth of the Centre’s program. For example: Father John Misty on sale resulted in thousands and thousands of hits, and given the fact there were only 1000 seats available, meant demand far outweighed supply. There were also users who wanted to book tickets to a small concert in the salon at the same time as this onsale, and had a 45 min + wait to get their tickets. A flexible waiting room, plus guest checkout, plus best available, plus SYOS functionality that is responsive to user needs is the goal. Even sending the Centre’s eNews to 75k subscribers can trigger the waiting room currently.

Is the duration of the three-year service agreement in addition to the time allocated for redevelopment and start once the new website has launched, or does it encompass the entire period, starting from the redevelopment phase?

3 year service agreement should start from the website launch, and support services are activated. A separate tender engagement contract will cover the redevelopment period.

Does the fee for the three-year service agreement need to stay within the maximum project budget of 400k listed in Part B Section 2 of the RFT or should it be a separate budget?

The $400k budget is the one-off cost outlay for redevelopment and launch of the website, plus any support services that need to be considered in the same financial year. Transparency around ongoing costs in future financial years relative to the service agreement and other ancillary costs will be factored into the evaluation process and how it can form part of subsequent financial years.