Melbourne Festival

Active Child

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Soaring, ethereal vocals glide above epic synth soundscapes, parsed by granulated electronica beats, Active Child conjures truly original music, unearthly and visionary.

The cerebral pop project of Los Angeles native Pat Grossi, Active Child churns together soulful, anthemic 80s teen soundtracks and post-dubstep beatcraft into a gloriously layered, shimmering sonic ephemera – a transcendent brew of angelic melody and retro-pop synth.

Built around Grossi’s virtuosic harp playing and haunting voice, the live shows channel both cosmic grandeur and hushed intimacy: a nostalgic missive whispered from the heavens, recalling the wonder of a time unlived.

This exclusive Melbourne Festival show features a very special treat for Active Child fans: a world premiere of live tracks from his upcoming second album.

Presented by Melbourne Festival