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Christmas Concerto



Join Us For Morning Tea & Music

Corelli’s concerto grosso was ‘made for Christmas night’ for the enjoyment of his patron and that of future generations, who have been beguiled ever since by the lilting grace of its final movement, evoking the awed and joyful shepherds at the first Christmas. Mozart’s C-major Concerto isn’t the typical glittering display-piece- instead of showiness there’s symphonic power and ‘greatness of spirit’. If any work brings to mind the heroic austerity inherent in the ideal of the Classical’, it’s this one. In complete contrast, Mozart’s Musical Joke skewers the pretensions of composers and musicians with a witty collection of cliches and some very wrong notes.

Mid-week morning concerts with an hour of wonderful music and the chance to catch up with friends over a cup of tea featuring the music of Mozart performed by Orchestra Victoria and musicians and alumni from the Australian National Academy of Music.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre, Orchestra Victoria and the Australian National Academy of Music.


CORELLI Concerto Grosso Op.6, No.8 in G minor, “Christmas Concerto”
MOZART A Musical Joke in F major, K.522
MOZART Piano Concerto No.14 in E flat, K.449