3MBS Schubert Marathon

Venue: South Melbourne Town Hall

Schubert Marathon

Please Note: this event takes place at South Melbourne Town Hall


45 Musicians. 40 Masterworks. 1 Day.

This 14 hour marathon explores the full range of Schubert’s output including piano sonatas, chamber music & vocal works providing an in-depth musical insight into an extraordinary composer.

Music lovers can purchase all-day passes or single tickets for each of the seven Schubertiades. This unique experience will take place in the South Melbourne Town Hall in partnership with ANAM.

The 3MBS Schubert Marathon will include:

  • Piano solos & duos performed by Van Anh, Stefan Cassomenos, Kristian Chong, Daniel de Borah, Peter de Jager, Amir Farid, Kenji Fujimura, Elyane Laussade, Benjamin Martin, Krishna Martin, Ian Munro, Kathryn Selby & Timothy Young
  • Piano Trios performed by the Firebird Trio & Sutherland Trio
  • String Quartets performed by Auric Quartet, ANAM musicians, Chris Cartlidge, Rebecca Chan, Blair Harris & Kirsty Hilton
  • Quintets performed by Sanguine Estate Music Festival and Friends, Kathryn Selby, William Hennessy, Tobias Breider & Howard Penny
  • Sonatas performed by Li-Wei Qin & Adoria Li, Wilma Smith & Leigh Harrold
  • Lieder performed by Michael Lampard & Rhodri Clark and Songmakers Australia with guest clarinet David Griffiths.

Presented by 3MBS.


Schubertiade 1: 9am

6 Moments Musicaux, D. 780 – Amir Farid
Piano Sonata in A major, D. 664 – Elyane Laussade
String Quartet in G major, D. 887 – Auric Quartet

Schubertiade 2: 11am

Fantasy in C major “The Wanderer Fantasy”, D. 760 – Kathryn Selby
Lebenssturme, D. 947 – Benjamin Martin & Krishna Martin
Drei Klavierstücke, D. 946 – Peter de Jager
Piano Trio in E-flat major, D. 929 – Firebird Trio

Schubertiade 3: 1pm

String Quartet in A minor “Rosamunde Quartet”, D. 804 – ANAM Quartet
Zwei Scherzi, D. 593 – Kenji Fujimura
Impromptu No. 1 in F minor, D. 935 – Daniel de Borah
Impromptu No. 2 in A flat major, D. 935– Daniel de Borah
Impromptu No.3 in B flat major, D. 935 – Van Anh
Impromptu No. 4 in F minor D. 935 – Van Anh
Sonata in A minor for Arpeggione and Piano, D. 821 – Li-Wei Qin & Adoria Li

Schubertiade 4: 3pm

Piano Sonata in G major, D. 894 – Ian Munro
Violin Sonata in D major, D. 384 – Wilma Smith & Leigh Harrold
String Quintet in C major, D. 956 – Sanguine & Friends

Schubertiade 5: 5pm

Fantasia for Piano Four Hands in F minor, D. 940 – Ian Munro & Daniel de Borah
Die Taubenpost, D. 957; Ganymed, D. 544; Am Meer, D. 957; Romanze (with clarinet), D. 787; Szene auf Goethes Faust, D. 126; Gretchen am Spinnrade, D. 118; Der Zwerg, D. 771; The Shepherd on the Rock, D. 965 – Songmakers Australia (Merlyn Quaife, Nicholas Dinopoulos, Andrea Katz, and David Griffiths, guest clarinet)
Piano Quintet in A major “Trout”, D. 667- Kathryn Selby, William Hennessy, Tobias Breider, Howard Penny and Ben Hanlon

Schubertiade 6: 7pm

Sonata in B flat major, D. 960 – Kristian Chong
Winterreise, “Winter Journey”, D. 911 – Rhodri Clarke & Michael Lampard

Schubertiade 7: 9pm

Piano Trio in B-flat major, D. 898 – Sutherland Trio
Piano Sonata A minor, D. 537 – Stefan Cassomenos
Impromptu No. 1 in C minor, D. 899– Timothy Young
Impromptu No. 2 in E flat major, D. 899 – Timothy Young
Impromptu No. 3 in G flat major, D. 899 – Timothy Young
Impromptu No. 4 in A flat major, D. 899 – Timothy Young
String Quartet in D minor “Death and the Maiden” , D. 810 – Kirsty Hilton, Rebecca Chan, Chris Cartlidge, Blair Harris