To Sleep To Dream


This experience is recommended for ages 12+


A playground for the imagination.

Seated within a network of speakers, you are blindfolded to focus your senses.

A sonic story unfolds around you, using live storytelling, immersive 3D sound and a musical score to draw you deep into your imagination.

In this sensory wonderland, characters walk past you, scenes bustle around you, your ears become your eyes.

Set in a world hit by floods, only one city remains. Dreaming is outlawed. We follow Jack Richards, a man on the edge of sleep, as he stumbles into a group of rebel dream explorers and joins them in their bid to reclaim the dream realm.

Haunting and magical, this is a story about the power of the dreamer and the desire to find your strength in a world that makes you feel small.

EarFilms breathes new life into the tradition of storytelling, turning it into a hyper-real, cinematic experience and providing an antidote to a world which is fast being taken over by screens.

Featuring sound design from members of the award-winning sound team behind Game of Thrones (Season 1).

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre.

Supported by The Hugh Williamson Creative Production Fund.


‘Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere’ – Albert Einstein

An EarFilm is a purely audio film for the ears and the imagination.

Fusing live story-telling, 3D sound and a cinematic musical score to create an experience that truly unlocks the listener’s imagination, EarFilms breathes new life into the tradition of storytelling, turning it into a hyper-real experience.

It started with an equal love of film and stories. Since a young age Daniel Marcus Clark was obsessed with the idea of becoming a filmmaker. Both of Daniel’s parents are writers and, having been brought up immersed in the world of stories and narrative, he felt that there must be someway of combining the things that he loved about the filmic language of storytelling with the imaginative potential of literature.

This desire to bring stories to life in new and imaginative ways led him through 10 years of solo albums, collaborations with bands & orchestras, one man shows, working as a playwright, composer and sound designer in theatre, and studying various storytelling techniques until 2009, he recorded an album entitled, ’3 little earfilms’. The album contained three 15-minute narrative pieces, underscored with music and bought to life with elements of sound design.

This album caught the attention of multimedia producer, Chris Timpson and music and spoken word tastemaker and event producer Dannii Evans, and in 2009 the EarFilms team was formed with sound designers, composers and dramaturges. Excited by the potential of breathing new life into the tradition of storytelling, and how it was possible to awaken the imaginations of people by purely using audio, the team began work. The specific treatment and balance of narration, sound and music made an EarFilm different from audio formats such as radio plays and audio books and offered an antidote to our increasing dependency on screens for entertainment.

The EarFilms team applied and received a grant from The Arts Council of England to further explore the form, and set about defining this new format. Together, they refined this style of storytelling as one that paints the stories purely through present time images, with narration being used to describe an image only when sound alone cannot make the image clear and with musical score serving to enhance the emotion of the story.

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