Live Live Cinema

Dementia 13



A smorgasbord of entertainment

The best film you’ve never seen!

Francis Ford Coppola’s first mainstream feature Dementia 13 is a cult-classic movie about an eccentric Irish family bickering over a vast inheritance while a mysterious axe murderer picks them off one by one. Now New Zealand’s Live Live Cinema gives this little gem of gothic horror a new live audio treatment with the aim of making a good film brilliant.

Featuring a score by Leon Radojkovic and performed live, actors lip-synching perfectly with the onscreen characters and a Foley artist creating hundreds of live sound effects, Live Live Cinema: Dementia 13 offers a smorgasbord of entertainment. With so much going on, where will you look?

Melbourne Recital Centre and Arts Projects Australia presents in association with Creative New Zealand’s Touring Australia Initiative.