Music on the Mind - October

Time-limited Guided Imagery and Music

Gro Trondalen


Musicians have the most wonderful profession; to create music as an art form for a vibrant audience.

However, being trained and working as a musician also means confronting one’s physical, mental and existential well-being. This presentation addresses Time-limited Guided Imagery and Music with professional musicians: exploring music listening as a health resource.

Gro Trondalen proposes an open music listening approach, supported by drawings and verbal conversation, in order to integrate and balance the physical/mental and existential dimensions of life in the name of excellence in performance and an enriched personal life.

This presentation is part of Music on the Mind – a series of free talks exploring the relationship between music and the human brain and the related links to social well-being, participation, learning and development and the role of music in our contemporary communities.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Music, Mind and Well-being initiative at The University of Melbourne.


This production is part of the following series:

Music on the Mind

Music on the Mind investigates the power of music and its relation to social wellbeing, participation, learning and development as well as the role music plays in our contemporary communities.