Nilusha Dassenaike: Lotus Verses

with her band

Nilusha Dassenaike


‘Dassenaike’s ethereal voice floats over the top like an ocean wave’ Australian Jazz Net

With a pure velvet voice that crosses two languages, Nilusha Dassenaike reveals her latest album. Her composing and arranging skills weave together a rare synthesis of contemporary jazz and Sri Lankan folk music that takes an entirely fresh approach to contemporary vocal
improvisation. Elements of soul and pop are integrated with the rich traditions of jazz, world music and so much more.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Nilusha Dassenaike.


The Way Home

The Lotus Verses (Traditional Sri Lankan Folk Song)

The Call (Traditional Sri Lankan Folk Song)


Little Promises (Traditional Sri Lankan Folk Song)

Kulu Natum Gee (Traditional Sri Lankan Folk Song)

Towards The Sea

The King’s Lament (Traditional Sri Lankan Folk Song)