Silo String Quartet

string orchestra

Silo String Quartet is considered the pioneer quartet for new string quartet repertoire in Australia. The quartet has become renowned for performing and premiering new Australian and international scores since 1998 when the group was founded by cellist/composer Caerwen Martin. Since then, Silo has gone on to perform at many of Australia’s major venues and music festivals, such as the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Apollo Bay Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Stonnington Jazz Festival, and the Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival. Silo has worked with some of the best Australian and international composers and performers. In 2008, the quartet performed with UK trombonist Barrie Webb at Carnegie Hall in New York. In 2013, they completed a national tour with the Here Comes the Night show. Silo has recorded 6 Albums and features on the sound tracks of the feature film Lost and Found and the television series Serangoon Road. Silo has performed and recorded with numerous popular and jazz musicians such as John Butler, Guy Pearce, Way of the Eagle, Owl Eyes, Hugh Jackman, DJ Spooky, Grey Ghost, Vince Jones, Vika Bull, and Joe Camilleri