Timothy Phillips


Conductor/Percussionist Timothy Phillips has enjoyed a unique career in his homeland Australia and in continental Europe. His musical experiences cover all styles, ranging from classical, symphonic, solo, experimental, and music theatre through to musicals, rock and jazz, with a special affinity for the music of our time. He has completed degrees at the Canberra School of Music and the State University of Music in Karlsruhe, Germany, studying with Daryl Pratt and Professor Isao Nakamura respectively. As a conductor, Timothy has appeared with World-Brass (Hamburg), at the Darmstadt Ferien Kürse for Neue Musik, in masterclass with the Auckland Philharmonia, and on CD for Move Records with Michael Kieran Harvey. He has premiered new works by Kate Neal, Dianne Peters, Graeme Leake and Daniel Salecich with Bolt Ensemble, Deadhorse Ensemble, Monash Sinfonia, and Strange Fruit. He has also appeared with the Australian Pops Orchestra and as a guest conductor with the Heidelberg Chorale. Timothy’s latest endeavour is the Arcko Symphonic Project, an ensemble dedicated to the preservation and performance of large scale Australian repertoire, which launched in June 2008. As a European-based performer, Timothy appeared with Ensemble Modern, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Varianti Stuttgart, and the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra and was a founding member of the Ensembles Est!Est!!Est!!! and Klammer 4. In Australia, he collaborates regularly with Astra Chamber Music and Speak Percussion. He is also a teaching artist with the Melbourne Symphony’s Education and Outreach Programme and is a casual percussionist with Orchestra Victoria.