Celebrate the genius of youth.

Young Genius



Celebrate the genius of youth with the vibrant Streeton Trio.

Chopin composed his Piano Trio in G minor when he was aged only 19. He went on to become one of the most celebrated composers and performers of his day. Enescu was only 22 when his Serenade Lointaine was composed. He is now known as one of the greatest Romanian composers ever to have lived. And Felix Mendelssohn was only 30 when he wrote his masterful Piano Trio in D minor, which is now one of the most-loved works in the piano trio repertoire. Come and celebrate the genius of youth with the young and vibrant Streeton Trio.

Winners of the 2011 Musica Viva Chamber Music Competition and Musica Viva Rising Stars, the Streeton Trio has performed to great acclaim in prestigious venues across the globe; France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, China, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

In 2015 Melbourne Recital Centre’s Local Heroes series shares the stories of our World War I heroes.

This concert is in tribute to Major James Francis Lean, a professional soldier from World War I. To read the story, visit the Your WWI Local Hero tab above.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Streeton Trio



Piano Trio in G minor, Op.8

Serenade Lointaine for Piano Trio

Piano Trio in D minor, Op.49



Base Records: Major James Lean was a professional soldier who, during the First World War worked extraordinary hours dealing with the requests from soldiers and their relations for information about illness, death, whereabouts, personal effects, location and medals. He was in charged of the vital connection between people, military and civilian, and his accuracy and diligence in the age before computers were dreamed of is astounding.

In January 1919, eight families received a letter from Major Lean, Officer-in-Charge, Base Records in Melbourne. It enclosed a photograph, taken at San Stefano prisoner-of-war camp in Constantinople. San Stefano was located where Istanbul international airport now stands.

Major Lean wrote that it was ‘forwarded as a memento of the trials this soldier has undergone whilst serving in the Australian Imperial Force. I trust he will be spared to return none the worse for his trying experience.’

He was born in 1878 in NSW, and served in the Australian Military forces from 1900, qualifying as an instructor in musketry. He was appointed confidential clerk of British Forces in China in 1904. After the war he was engaged in the clothing trade and died in 1931.

Story by war historian and writer Garrie Hutchinson.
Edited by Gordon Kerry.


Australia’s most internationally successful piano trio, the Streeton Trio’s intensive European studies have given the Streeton Trio the rare sheen of true excellence.