An Ocean Beyond Earth

An Ocean Beyond Earth.jpg


A celebration of old and new friends

In thirty years of practice ELISION has navigated many special and close friendships with composers and this concert celebrates old and new friends. The programme takes the amazing and idiosyncratic alchemy of special musicians being written for and embraced by the musical imagination of some of the world’s most amazing composers.

ELISION is Australia’s premiere new music ensemble, comprised of sixteen virtuoso musicians living in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Cologne, Bern and Singapore.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and ELISION


An Ocean Beyond Earth

Chaya Czernowin
The Last Leaf

Liza Lim
An Ocean Beyond Earth

Kurt Isaacsson
What Holocene Disasters Captivate A Snowfield

Richard Barrett
New Work


Justin Hoke
Drawn, Drowned, Myrrh

Timothy O’Dwyer
Transbraxton Study No.1

Claus Steffen
Hommage à l’hautbois- A Musical Ostracism


Graeme Jennings
Severine Ballon
Elizabeth Velthein
Peter Neville