Flames Within

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Works by Monteverdi, Gesualdo, Gyger and many more

The image of fire as an allegory for human passion appears throughout literary history, giving birth to a vast and diverse repertoire of fiery vocal music. Flames Within is an exploration of this repertoire, centred around the explosive madrigals of Monteverdi, Gesualdo and Marenzio, and reaching back as far as the chants of Hildegard von Bingen and forward as far as Morten Lauridsen and Melbourne’s own Elliott Gyger.

My heart burns and the fire is so sweet
That it lives in the blaze,
And thus dies joyfully.

- Anonymous poet, featured in Gesualdo’s Ardo il mio cor.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and The Consort of Melbourne


Flames Within

Claudio Monteverdi
Ardo avvampo

Hildegard von Bingen
O ignee spiritus

Claudio Monteverdi
Quel augellin che canta

Nicholas Lanier
Fire, fire

Morton Lauridsen
Io Piango

Carlo Gesualdo
Luci serene e chiare

Elliott Gyger
Fire in the heavens

Fire dances

Carlo Gesualdo
Ardo per te, mio bene and Luci serene e chiare

Hugo Distler
Der Feuerreiter

Luca Marenzio
Dissi a l’amata mia

Morton Lauridsen
Se per havervi oime

Thomas Morley
Fyer, fyer