Go Into the City

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A one-hour recital program building on The Cries of Melbourne – a newly-created collaborative work by local composers made up of street recordings from Melbourne and composed vocal cries.

Go into the City features poly-textual motets from medieval Europe juxtaposed with contemporary commentary, including political caricature from Tim Hansen’s satirical song cycle Howls from the House.

The history of composed “cries” stretches back to Clément Janequin’s Cris de Paris in the first half of the 16th century, and since then, Orlando Gibbons’ depiction of the street cries of London; in the 1970s Luciano Berio continued the tradition with his own London cries, originally written for the King’s Singers and reworked for the Swingle Singers. In this hour-long sequence (following their concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), The Song Company dig down even earlier – to a Parisian strawberry-seller in the 13th-century Montpellier Codex – and layer the brand new city textures of The Cries of Melbourne with fragments of passion, parody, riot and ruin from Paris, Tournai, Canberra, and London.

This concert is part of Metropolis New Music Festival 2016.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and The Song Company


Go Into the City

The Cries of Melbourne / Tim Dargaville, One day, five silences
The Cries of Melbourne / Caerwen Martin, The Walk
The Cries of Melbourne / Elliott Gyger, Station Announcements
The Cries of Melbourne / Samantha Wolf, Northcote Auctions
The Cries of Melbourne / Katy Abbott Kvasnica, And It’s Like
The Cries of Melbourne / Jakob Bragg, La Trobe Reading Room

The Mass of Tournai / Ite missa est / Se grasse / Cum venerint

Roland Orzabal arr. Antony Pitts
Mad World

Robert White
Lamentations a5 / Heth

Anonymous (Montpellier Codex)
On parole de batre / A Paris soir et matin / Frese nouvele

Tim Hansen
Howls from the House / Press Gallery Anthem

Ben Oakland / Milton Drake arr. Kirby Shaw
Java Jive

Anonymous (The Catch Club, 1762)
Joy in the Gates

Adam de la Halle
Hareu (rondeau 3)

Antony Pitts
Lamentations V

Pauline Oliveros
Sound Patterns