In Conversation with The Necks

The Necks


An opportunity to join Melbourne Recital Centre for a rare up-close and personal discussion with enthralling group, The Necks.

Celebrating 30 years together, The Necks are critically acclaimed for their special way of pushing sound, moving air, playing with harmonics and creating a mystical fourth musician who appears and disappears like magic in their performances.

The day after their concert in Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, Chris Abrahams, Lloyd Swanton and Tony Buck share insights into their creative processes and improvisational structures plus musings on their 30 year careers – no doubt treating the audience to a demonstration along the way. The Necks have only conducted two workshops in their long career, so this is a unique opportunity for an intimate audience to participate in the creative conversation and learn from these remarkable musicians.

Top Shelf Director Jordan Verzar will host this rare musical conversation, delving deeper into the ideas and influences of these incredible creative talents.

Part of the In Conversation series, proudly supported by Amplify.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


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