75 Years: A Portrait of Meredith Monk

Rubicks Collective


Meredith Monk is the very definition of an interdisciplinary artist: composer, dancer, singer, choreographer, director and filmmaker, best known for her ground-breaking work in pioneering new vocal techniques.

Monk’s music is intoxicatingly playful, achingly personal and instantly recognisable, exploring the human voice at its most ethereal, acrobatic and startling. Rubiks Collective and Invenio Singers celebrate Monk’s seventy-fifth birthday with a retrospective of her musical output, pairing some of her most recent offerings with beloved works from her early career.

In Monk’s world, “voices are like instruments and instruments are like voices”. ‘Gotham Lullaby’ and ‘Travel Dream Song’ showcase the charming melodies, wordless vocalising and astonishing range that have defined Monk’s works for singers, while ‘Backlight’ is an exploration of breath and colour in instrumental writing. Tendrils of melody and modal harmonies weave together in ‘Realm Variations’, representing the newest chapter in this fearless artist’s ever-evolving career.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Rubiks Collective


Meredith Monk
Gotham Lullaby
Urban March
Realm Variations


Rubiks Collective
Invenio Singers


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