Alicia Crossley - Fragments



‘If there is such a thing as a recorder rockstar … Crossley is that.’ Fish Fine Music

Fragments brings together highlights from celebrated musician Alicia Crossley’s solo albums Addicted to Bass and Alchemy. Known for her virtuoso playing, both albums have received acclaim throughout Australia.

Fragments is a mix of historic and contemporary works for recorder. Crossley’s programming of old and new finds new resonance in past genres, intertwining with electronics to highlight the versatility of her playing. The repertoire spans over two centuries giving the audience a full spectrum of works.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre



J.S. Bach
Cello Suite No.1 in G, BWV 1007

Andrew Batt-Rawden
“E” for bass recorder and electronics

Johann George Tromlitz
Partita V

Mark Oliveiro
Calliphora for bass recorder and electronics

Claude Debussy

Jacob ter Veldhuis
The Garden of Love