An Intimate Evening with Bebel Gilberto

with special guest Doug de Vries

Bebel Gilberto


World-renowned singer-songwriter Bebel Gilberto returns to Melbourne for an intimate evening of sublime bossa nova

‘Bebel Gilberto has taken on traditional bossa nova rhythms and infused it with her trademark alluring vocals to create a hypnotic new sound.’ NPR

One of Brazil’s top-selling artists and multi Grammy nominee, world-renowned singer-songwriter Bebel Gilberto has captivated fans and earned critical acclaim worldwide as the torchbearer of Brazil’s bossa nova tradition. Her trademark electronic bossa nova can be heard in clubs around the world and has positioned her as one of the most popular Brazilian artists in the U.S. Gilberto’s penchant for sonically transporting listeners to Brazil, with bright, incandescent bossa nova-infused melodies, lyrics about love and a lilting performance style has earned her rave reviews and a strong following among music enthusiasts.

Daughter of Brazilian music icon João Gilberto, one of the artists to first establish the genre of bossa nova in the country, her mother is acclaimed vocalist Miúcha and her uncle the legendary Chico Buarque. Bebel’s influences are vast and eclectic, living and breathing all types of Brazilian musical styles. As a child, she was also exposed to the greats, from Debussy to Prince; Michel Legrand to Billie Holiday; Björk to Gershwin. She also has a strong love for North American soul discovering Donna Summer, Earth Wind & Fire and Michael Jackson on the dance floor as a budding teenager. ‘The whole disco thing plays a big role in my heart,’ says Bebel, who still loves to dance.

An Intimate Evening with Bebel Gilberto showcases Bebel’s ethereal vocals and wistful, dreamy song writing. Bebel’s sultry tonality with the warm and playful Brazilian rhythms and gorgeous melodies shaped by touches of electronica transport you to a 21st-century Rio de Janeiro.

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