Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink


Los Angeles’ prodigal song-writing son Ariel Pink brings his 11th studio album to Melbourne Recital Centre as part of Melbourne Music Week 2017.

In true Ariel Pink style, his latest record, Dedicated To Bobby Jameson, features his signature experimental, impressionistic, lo-fi chill-wave vibes mixed with themes of mismanaged dreams, West Coast mythologies, haunted boulevards and the acceptance of self, all projected through a celluloid filter of controversies.

As the title suggests, Pink’s latest release is a touching dedicated to L.A. musician Bobby Jameson, a character of the West Coast long presumed dead who re-emerged after 35 years of reclusion. These songs illustrate the tests, milestones and adversaries Bobby faced pulled together as a singular vision of artistic pop through a frenzied portrayal of humanity’s baseness and beauty experience the ups and downs of despair, self-loathing and suspicion contrasted with love, nostalgia and desire.

Pink’s long connection to Australia started on his first visit to Australia in 2006 where he credited an Australian backing band with ‘changing his life’ (Sydney Morning Herald) having been the first people to ever truly learn his material. Drawing upon long-forgotten iconoclasts and trailblazers including the Shaggs, The Cure and The Velvet Underground, Pink’s mission has always been to redefine the musical lexicon for himself and others.

From rah-rah psych rock tracks to grungy ‘Video Killed the Radio Style’ breakdowns, Ariel Pink’s way of remaining contained whilst sprawling across an endless spectrum of shimmering pop is singular to his vision of hypnagogic pop storytelling.

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