Chamber Made Opera

Between 8 & 9

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A Chamber Made Opera work in partnership with Sichuan Conservatory of Music

‘Perhaps the most beautifully judged site-specific work I have seen… It is mysteriously joyous, and profoundly beautiful.’ Theatrenotes

Intertwining ancient Chinese musical theory with ancient European spatial thinking, Between 8 and 9 is between Chengdu and Melbourne; between audience and artists; between a meeting room and a restaurant; and between music, sonic design, live art and performance. Seated at one of eight round tables with ‘Lazy Susans’ (餐桌轉盤 – cānzhuō zhuànpán) you are invited into a situation of choice, an oscillation, a rotation.

Between 8 and 9 has evolved from a thematic exploration of teahouse culture and notions of sanctuary into a reflexive meditation on the meeting of cultures, generations, languages and artistic practices. The essence of this exists in the space between 8 (referring to notions of prosperity) and 9 (referring to notions of spirituality). From the provocative to the playful, expect this meeting to be’hot and lively’.

This work is created by all artists involved in a collaborative process led by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey.

Co-presented by Castlemaine State Festival and Melbourne Recital Centre as part of and in association with Asia TOPA


Carolyn Connors, Kan Yan-Long & Zhu Hui-Quian

Madeleine Flynn (pedal organ/toy piano/vintage electronics), Guo Si-Cen (erhu), Tim Humphrey (brass/electronics), Wang Shuai (percussion) & Wang Zheng-Ting (sheng/wind)

Anna Tregloan

Sound Designer & Operator:
Jim Atkins

System Fabricator & Lighting Designer:
Bosco Shaw

Dramaturgy & Text Consultation:
Felix Ching Ching Ho & Emilie Collyer

Academic Advisor & Text Consultant:
Adrian Tien

*Producer & Chamber Made Opera Creative Director: *
Tim Stitz

Associate Producers & Project Liaison:
Professor Gan Gao-Sheng (Chengdu) & Dr Wang Zheng-Ting (Melbourne)