Bittersweet Obsessions: Monteverdi & Bach, Two Operas

Bittersweet Obsessions


It will break your heart.

Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (The combat of Tancredi and Clorinda), by Monteverdi.

Two armoured knights meet. One named Tancredi. The other, a mystery. Tancredi engages in a battle with the stranger. They dance, they strike, they advance, they retreat.

Who is Tancredi’s adversary? He wants to know, but the stranger won’t reveal their identity. The battle continues. More bloody, more intense, more savage than before. Until a fatal blow ends it all. Tancredi, weary and wounded, walks over and lifts the helmet of his dying opponent. In a heartbreaking revelation, he realises he’s killed the woman he loves – Clorinda.

Coffee Cantata, by Bach

Spirited Liesgen loves coffee. Loves loves loves. She must have it, drink it, be gifted it. To her, coffee is more delicious than a thousand kisses. More pleasing than wine. But her father tut-tuts her obsession and tries to ban it. Liesgen is beside herself. She absolutely must have her fix. Three cups a day to be exact. Or else she’ll turn into a “shrivelled-up roast goat”. True story.

Join Bach – who rumour has it shared an equal obsession for the magical beans – in this rollicking satire about the coffee-drinking antics of this lusciously-jolly, caffeine-crazed woman.

Presented by Australian Brandenburg Orchestra


Claudio Monteverdi
Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (The combat of Tancredi and Clorinda)

J.S. Bach
Coffee Cantata BWV 211

Additional works by: Merula, Uccellini and Falconieri


Australian Brandenburg Orchestra


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