Rasgueado y Punteado: Guitar Heroes of the 17th Century



Continuo Collective delights in presenting rarely heard music on rare and beautiful instruments.

The group’s main passion is exploring the role of plucked instruments in the improvisatory art of basso continuo and as accompaniment to other instruments. Continuo Collective members Samantha Cohen and Geoffrey Morris collaborate with guest artists to perform music from the early 17th century through to the 19th and 20th centuries.

Known for the intimacy of their concerts and the use of exotic plucked instruments including theorbo, Baroque guitar, romantic guitar, lute, chitarra battente, chitarra atiorbata and Angelique, their performances are ideally suited to the intimate surrounds of the Salon, which creates a natural resonance for plucked strings, while retaining clarity and warmth.

Continuo Collective creates a Baroque ‘wall of sound’ with a consort of Baroque guitars, ranging from a ‘mosquito’ guitar to a five course bass guitar. Rosemary Hodgson joins Continuo Collective’s Samantha Cohen and Geoffrey Morris to pluck and strum their way through 17th-century Spain and Italy. This concert features works by Gaspar Sanz, Giovanni Paolo Foscarini, Antonio de Santa Cruz, Antonio Carbonchi and Francesco Corbetta as they were played in the 1600s. This is a rare opportunity to experience this combination of instruments and the incredible sound-world it creates.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Continuo Collective


Continuo Collective
Rosemary Hodgson Baroque guitar in D


This production is part of the following series:

Local Heroes 2017

Now in its sixth year, Melbourne Recital Centre’s Local Heroes series brings together Melbourne’s best artists in a year-long festival of chamber music.