Corpus Medicorum - Prokofiev Power

Corpus Medicorum


Feel the might, see the strength, hear the power of two of Prokofiev’s strongest works.

Prokofiev’s second Piano concerto is a formidable challenge for pianists and orchestras alike, bringing an almost overwhelming soundscape to its audience. Stefan Cassomenos joins Corpus Medicorum for another dramatic performance.

And then everyone’s powerhouse favourite,_ Romeo and Juliet_. Prokofiev interprets Shakepeare’s powerful love story into some of the repertoire’s most intensely romantic music. Corpus Medicorum will perform music from suites one and two…hang on to your hats!

Presented by The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation


Sergei Prokofiev
Piano Concerto No.2
Suite from the Ballet Romeo and Juliet


Corpus Medicorum
Stefan Cassomenos soloist
Michael Dahlenburg director