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The Hon. Paul Keating on our role in Asia in the Trump era

Paul Keating


Cut the tag – Paul Keating on our role in Asia post-Trump

Nearly three months into the Trump presidency and the world remains uncertain about how the United States will approach Asia. The election of Trump and the victory of the Brexit movement are the most obvious examples of the populism driving countries to become more insular. This combined with China’s return as a power of the first order means that Australia faces an increasingly uncertain world.

Australia’s foreign policy has traditionally relied on old alliances with culturally-familiar countries, but must now adapt to changing times.

Come and hear from former Prime Minister Paul Keating about the path Australia should forge in this rapidly changing world. He has long argued a greater independence in Australian foreign policy could be beneficial and allow more focus on our immediate neighbours: Asian countries to our north.

There are few Australians who have thought more deeply, originally and provocatively on these challenges than Paul Keating. Now is an opportunity to hear his thinking on a world with Donald Trump as American President. Diplomat, policy leader and security analyst Allan Gyngell will also join the debate. He was Director-General of ONA, the Australian Government’s central intelligence assessment agency between 2009 and 2013, and was founding Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy. They will be joined by La Trobe Academic Professor Nick Bisley, the Executive Director of La Trobe Asia and a Professor of International Relations. His research and teaching expertise is in Asia’s international relations, globalisation and the diplomacy of great powers.

This is an event not to be missed by those who care about Australia’s future.

A collaboration of the Ideas and Society Program and La Trobe Asia and part of La Trobe University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

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Paul Keating Keynote speaker
Professor Nick Bisley Executive Director, La Trobe Asia
Allan Gyngell Diplomat policy leader and security analyst