Debussy String Quartet

Debussy String Quartet


A string quartet is more than an ensemble, it’s a family.

Few are as tightly-knit as the Debussy Quartet, four musicians who have decided to go their own way together. Since 1990, the quartet has forged a sound and a style that sets them apart in a world of blandly efficient international quartets. Organic and adventurous, the Debussys have collaborated with Australia’s acclaimed Circa physical theatre troupe and with contemporary dancers.

Their more traditional concerts and recordings are renowned for their passion, elegance and detail, as exemplified in the three classic quartets they’ll perform. Shostakovich’s brief, grief-stricken Quartet No.7 and Beethoven’s dark, disturbed ‘Serioso’ are like eavesdropping on the composer’s innermost thoughts. The Debussy Quartet excels at these intimate, intense conversations. Ravel’s sweepingly melodious and magical quartet is one of the Debussy Quartet’s most beloved works, and their performances of this masterpiece are legendary.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


Christophe Collette violin
Marc Vieillefon violin
Vincent Deprecq viola
Cédric Conchon cello


Dmitri Shostakovich
Elegy from Two Pieces for String Quartet, Op.36a
String Quartet No.11 in F minor Op.122
String Quartet No.7 in F sharp minor, Op.108

Ludwig van Beethoven
String Quartet in F minor, Op.95 ‘Serioso’

Maurice Ravel
String Quartet in F