Ears Wide Open: Schumann



Open your ears to Lord Byron’s dramatic poem with music by Schumann.

One of Schumann’s finest orchestral creations, the Manfred Overture, brings Byron’s semi-autobiographical poem to the concert stage. Schumann loved a challenge and threw himself wholeheartedly into creating what was described as a ‘dramatic poem with music in three parts’.

First performed in 1852, the broader work consisted of the overture, an entr’acte, melodramas, solos and choruses, but as the production was almost impossible to stage, the sands of time have left us more familiar with Schumann’s Overture.

Interestingly, it is claimed by music historian Peter Ostwald that Schumann’s Manfred was in fact written when the composer was facing ‘exquisite suffering’ from ‘inner voices’ – a storyline full of ghosts and supernatural elements might not have helped his condition.

Find out more about this magnificently satisfying work in a part concert/part interactive lecture with esteemed music educator and conductor, Richard Gill and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Presented by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra


Robert Schumann
Manfred Overture


Richard Gill conductor


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