Emma Kirkby

with Jakob Lindberg

Emma Kirkby


Jewels of the Renaissance and Baroque featuring works by Dowland, Jones, Boesset, Ballard and others.

‘Kirkby remains one of the treasures of the musical world.’ The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Dame Emma Kirkby played a leading role in a musical revolution that changed our understanding of the sound of history. Since the early 70s, Emma’s voice has illuminated the works of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical composers with a blend of scrupulous scholarship and sure-footed intuition. Listening to Emma is to be immersed in the past as her pure soprano voice embodies the unique virtues of each era she explores. Her recordings of Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart testify to her bravura and her pioneering spirit – in many cases she was the first to champion these lost or overlooked masterpieces – and her fruitful collaboration with other legendary period musicians.

Lutenist Jakob Lindberg is just such a musician. One of the finest exponents of his exquisite and ancient instrument, Lindberg has committed the complete works of Dowland to record; nobody knows this music more intimately. Emma has called the lute the ‘biggest inspiration’ in her career, and Jakob has been her musical partner for decades.

Emma and Jakob have chosen a gorgeous collection of jewels from the vast treasure-house of songs for the natural pairing of voice and lute. Communicating their wit and pathos requires a storyteller’s art, a gentle touch and a voice coloured by experience. Reaching a flourishing peak in the early Baroque, the lute song preserves the ethos of their time: fanciful, lyrical, melancholy, courtly and bawdy and a true partnership of word and music.

Marshall McGuire, Director of Artistic Planning on Emma Kirkby:

The intimate, confessional poetry of the lute song could not be in better hands than Emma’s and Jakob’s. Their engaging music making simply draws you into its magic.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


John Danyel
Like as the lute / Stay cruell, stay / Eyes look no more

Edward Collard
Go from my window / A Ground

Robert Jones
Lie down poore heart / When love on time and measure makes his ground / Farewell dear love

John Dowland
Pavan – Galliard – Fantasia
The lowest trees have tops / Burst forth my tears / Sweet, stay awhile

François Richard
Ruisseau qui cours après toy-même

Antoine Bosset
N’espérez plus mes yeux / Que Philis a l’esprit léger

Pierre Guédron
Si jamais mon âme blessée

Robert Ballard
Entrée de luth / Branles de village

Alonso Mudarra
Dulces exuviae

Luis de Narváez
Guardame las vacas

Luis Milan

Alonso Mudarra

Giulio Caccini
Dovrò dunque morire

O bella più

Tarquinio Merula
La Nanna


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The chiselled beauty and dovetailing rapport in their music-making was a joy to hear.