European Sonatas

Duo Chamber Melange


Duo Chamber Melange, established in 1999, is a wonderful partnership between internationally acclaimed musicians, Ivana Tomaskova (violin) and Tamara Smolyar (piano).

Individually they have produced numerous recordings for national and international broadcasters and performed in many prominent venues. A number of composers have written music for them as soloists and chamber musicians. The Duo’s versatile repertoire embraces classical and contemporary music as well as world premieres of renowned Australian, European and American composers. Duo Chamber Melange has recorded for ABC Classic FM, 3MBS and a number of international broadcasters and released CDs on Move and Schimmel International Artists Collection labels. Their masterful performances are engaging and moving, a true art of music-making. The critiques emphasize their performances as ‘well-established exemplary, driving collaboration, confident in its negotiation partnership… tight ensemble work with a rhythmic clarity and impressive assurance.’

A colourful mix of musical genres is familiar territory for Duo Chamber Melange. There is only one word that encapsulates the essence of this concert – kaleidoscopic. Journey from the Romantic nationalism of Grieg, through the 20th-century rhythmic dynamism of Poulenc to 21st-century inspiration with a world premiere by Kenji Fujimura. This mosaic of genres is truly fascinating: Grieg’s Sonata is the ‘work of a youth who has seen the sunny as well as quite dark and turbulent side of his life’, lyrical symmetry of a piano premiere by Fujimura and Poulenc’s masterpiece, composed during World War II and dedicated to the memory of victims of war.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Duo Chamber Melange


Edvard Grieg
Sonata Op.8, No.1 for violin & piano

Kenji Fujimura
New work for solo piano (world premiere)

Francis Poulenc
Sonata Op.119 for violin & piano