HK 20 & Chao Feng 35

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A concert jointly presented by Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra of Melbourne and YWCA Chinese Orchestra of Hong Kong, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the 35th anniversary of the founding of Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra (CFCO).

YWCA Chinese Orchestra is one of the oldest Chinese orchestras in Hong Kong, dedicated to introducing Chinese music to the public, and providing performance opportunities to young musicians. CFCO, the largest registered Chinese Orchestra in Australia is a unique entity in multicultural Melbourne. Well received locally and overseas, CFCO is proud to reach a significant milestone of 35 years since inception.

The concert showcases a combined 80-piece orchestra performing traditional and contemporary Chinese music, Sheng solo, Banhu solo by virtuoso Mr Dong Yan Ma, and a special plucked-strings ensemble. The premiere of a commissioned new work by award-winning Hong Kong composer Mr Alfred Wong will mark this special occasion.

Presented by Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra & Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra


Conductor: Yat Ping Chan, Alfred Wong, Ka Him Lee, Chris Ling
Concert Master (Erhu): Hao Zheng
Soloist (Banhu): Dong Yan Ma
Celebration Overture (World premiere) composer: Alfred Wong


Combined orchestra (90-piece Ensemble):

Alfred Wong
Celebration Overture (World premiere )

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra:

Tian Quan Hu
Sheng (Chinese Mouth Organ): The Grassland Cavalry

Combined orchestra (90-piece Ensemble):

Ancient Music arranged by Peng Zhang Qin
Moonlit River in Spring

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra:

Heng Li
Banhu Solo (Two-string Fiddle): Journey to Qin Chuan
Soloist: Banhu master Dong Yan Ma

Combined orchestra: Harvest Celebration

Xiu Wen Peng & Hui Quan Cai
Harvest Celebration

Combined orchestra, Plucked String Ensemble:

Wei Lun Luo

YWCA Chinese Orchestra:

Composed by Tian Hua Liu, arranged by Xiu Wen Peng
Song of a Promising Future

Folk music arranged by Fu Jian Wang
The Song of Joy

Guan Ren Gu
The General’s Command

Combined orchestra:

Joseph Koo
Hong Kong TV Theme Suite