Imperial Bells of China

Imperial Bells


A spellbinding sound filled with beauty, romance and solemnity

In a unique display unlike any other orchestral performance, the internationally acclaimed Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra brings the Imperial Bells of China to Melbourne Recital Centre this July.

Dating back 2400 years, the 433BC chime bells were unearthed in 1978 in the Zenghouyi Tomb in Hubei Province in China. There are sixty-five bells hanging on two sets of wood racks, weighing up to 5 tonnes.

The imperial bells create a melodious timbre, a beautiful, hypnotising sound, both romantically and sonorously. Not only does the elegant beauty of the bells transport you back thousands of years, but the bells are also visually breathtaking due to their scale, elaborate cast technique and the way they impressively hang on their wooden frames.

Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra is an amalgamation of a large bronze chime bells ensemble and a Chinese Folk orchestra. The orchestra is famous for having composed the masterpiece, Harmony of Eight Tones, which China has recognised as a significant contribution to the heritage of Chinese music.

Immerse yourself in the music, cultural and spiritual history of the Imperial Bells of China! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Chime Orchestra
Sound of the Peace

Folk Orchestra
Dance of the Yao

Female Vocal Solo
The Waves on the Lake Honghu
No Tears No Sorrow

Bamboo Flute Solo
The Narrative of Broken Bridge

Chime Orchestra
Chu Folk Song

Folk Orchestra
Silk Road

Music of Getian Tribe
God Bird

Male Vocal Solo
Love to the Three Gorges
I’m Like a Snow Flake Falling from the Sky

Ancient Chime Music – Harmony of Eight Tones
A Bianzhong Piece – The Night Mooring
A Bianqin Piece – Flowing Water
A Se Piece – Fish Pond Under the Silver Moon

Chime Orchestra
Impression of Chu
Music: Tang Jianping

Folk Orchestra
My Homeland
Music: Liu Wenjin