Invenio Singers - Luminesce



Light is the central metaphor for our intellectual and emotional lives.

To understand is to illuminate; to brighten is to bring happiness; to enlighten is to transcend. Light acts into darkness as sound acts into silence – an energy, a realisation of potential; initiation, volition.

Luminesce is composer Gian Slater’s collaboration with video artist Robert Jarvis, using the voices of vocal ensemble Invenio to trigger light projections on the bodies of the performers. Utilising Jarvis’ specially designed software program, each singer has projected upon themselves unique lighting and animation events triggered and controlled by their own voice. Slater’s compositions create visual patterns with sound, geometry with pitch and colour with dynamics.

Each sound and silence is triggered by the music; each individual singer wears on her body her own voice in light. From the bright illumination of the full ensemble to the spotlight of one individual voice, we are reminded afresh that singing is an energy; an act, an initiation of beauty into silence, like light into darkness.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Invenio Singers