Josh Kyle - I Hear, Here I

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Explore the male voice with Josh Kyle

I Hear , Here I is a new work by vocalist/composer Joshua Kyle. It aims to explore the sonic landscape of multiple electric guitars, drums and the male voice.

This work explores the male voice and its timberal, gestural and dynamic ranges, utilising conventional and extended vocal techniques and generating material to support these explorations. The idea is to question the stereotype and throw open the possibilities that are uniquely available to the male voice. What role can the voice play if not the lead? If text is sparse how much more weight does a lyrics/text hold? What tonal manipulations can I make to better interact with the instrumentalist and vice versa? What beauty is available in the ugly? This music seeks to understand these questions.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Josh Kyle


Josh Kyle voice
James McLean drums
Stephen Magnusson guitar
Alistair McLean guitar