Justine Clarke - Look! Look! It's a Gobbledygook

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Please note, this concert is suitable for ages 0-6


Sing and dance along with Justine and have some mon-story fun these holidays!

Based on her best-selling and award-winning book The Gobbledygook Is Eating A Book written with Arthur Baysting and illustrated by Tom Jellett and their latest collaboration The Gobbledygook And The Scribbledynoodle, Justine Clarke brings an intimate and interactive celebration of story telling through her songs, her silly monsters (who love books a bit too much!) and a little bit of theatrical magic.

Justine is well known for her work as a presenter on ABCTV’s Play School and as a popular children’s music artist with her platinum and gold selling albums I Like To Sing and Songs To Make You Smile.

In the premiere of her brand new show Look! Look! It’s a Gobbledygook! Justine is joined by a lively band of musicians and a couple of cheeky monsters to explore the magic of books and the art of story-telling taking the audience on a musical journey climbing up rainbows, dancing with shadows, painting pictures and riding on dinosaurs!

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre