Max & Rosie Riebl - Solitude



From melancholy Baroque to romatic art song and more

‘Ambient piano pieces laced with wonderfully intricate melancholy.’ Newcastle Live

The songs in this concert reflect the preoccupation so much music has with the idea of loneliness, the traveller, the introspection of solitude. The repertoire spans several centuries beginning with the melancholy baroque music of Purcell, a selection of emotive romantic art song, as well as an interpolation of contemporary composition written by Rosie Riebl, which weave the poetry of Blake and draw from the combination of strangeness, purity and existentialism within the program.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Max & Rosie Riebl


Henry Purcell
O, Solitude
Music For A While

Rosie Riebl

Joseph Haydn
The Spirit’s Song

Rosie Riebl
Little Lost Boy
The Sick Rose

Benjamin Britten
Corpus Christie

Rosie Riebl

Johannes Brahms
In stiller Nacht, zur ersten Wacht

Henry Purcell
Sweeter Than Roses

George Frederic Handel
‘Cara sposa amante cara’ from Rinaldo


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