Mike Nock with Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson

Nock, Wilsen and Magnusson.jpg


Three of Australia’s most applauded jazz artists collaborate.

Mike Nock’s career has spanned a broad range of contemporary musical styles and he is widely recognised as an important voice in Australian modern music. Stephen Magnusson is considered one of Australia’s most accomplished, versatile and distinct musicians with incredible technique and an astoundingly beautiful tone. And for the last two decades Julien Wilson has been an exciting and integral member of the Australian jazz scene. His tenor saxophone style covers an incredibly broad stylistic and emotional range and is featured on over 70 albums.

Together all three bring their musicianship to a concert of musical depth and beauty.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Melbourne Jazz Co-operative


Mike Nock piano
Julien Wilson Tenor Saxophone
Stephen Magnusson guitar