My Friend the Chocolate Cake: 'The Revival Meeting' Album Launch

My Friend the Chocolate Cake


My Friend The Chocolate Cake launch new album The Revival Meeting

‘This album is a work of art, and one that makes me reach back into their catalog, but for my ears, this is their best and their most accomplished album to date. Four and half stars.’ Spill Magazine

Witness the song-writing genius of David Bridie combined with the majestic strings and spellbinding stage presence of Helen Mountfort and Hope Csutoros as Australian pop-noir icons My Friend The Chocolate Cake launch their latest album The Revival Meeting.

‘15 tunes were fleshed out up in the hills in an old shack. The days merged into nights of playing and conversation, laughs and food, you know, the 6 of us all got along so effortlessly, still a great bunch of people to make music with after 28 years… the songs still have that certain thing that makes us smile… Songs about love ,travelling and notions of justice and dying and futility and odd Australian people, instrumentals that make you tap your feet, or ponder the warmth of melancholy…’ David Bridie

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