PLEXUS plunges into a world of phantoms and phantasy, dreams and dramas.

Guest artist and acclaimed Victorian contralto Liane Keegan sings Gustav Mahler’s epic song cycle Kindertotenlieder, after Friedrich Rückert’s poems of inconsolable grief yet ultimately transcendent resignation after the death of two of the poet’s children. Gernot Wolfgang’s_ Reflections_, commissioned by the Verdehr Trio, ponders what it is to be human and how significant events and the realisations that follow them affect and inform our lives as individuals, and as an evolving species. PLEXUS also presents three world premieres – Andrew Ford’s Never is a taste of his Peter Pan opera to come in 2018; Andrián Pertout invites us on his Voyage à la terre de l’enchantement; and Brigid Burke uses her cinematic landscape of coastal Victoria as a backdrop to her fantastical soundscape in A Voice is Life.

PLEXUS brings together the talents of three of Melbourne’s most vibrant and versatile musicians, with a goal of commissioning and celebrating Australian and overseas composers. The name PLEXUS reflects the ensemble’s devotion to engaging an ever-growing network of exceptional artists across a variety of disciplines, facilitating their contribution to Australia’s rich and diverse cultural landscape. Formed with a mission to follow in the footsteps of the acclaimed ensemble of the same instrumental combination, the Verdehr Trio, PLEXUS brings to Australian audiences the most significant and culturally relevant of these works and continues in the Verdehrs’ tradition, commissioning Australian and international composers on a regular basis. Since launching in 2014, PLEXUS has commissioned over 100 composers and has given over 70 world premieres. Widely acclaimed for its ongoing commitment to Australian music, PLEXUS was shortlisted as a finalist for the 2016 Melbourne Music Prize Outstanding Musicians Award.

Please note, this concert will include visual projections.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and PLEXUS


Featuring PLEXUS
Monica Curro violin
Philip Arkinstall clarinet
Stefan Cassomenos piano

With special guest artist
Liane Keegan contralto


A Voice is Life (world premiere)

Never (world premiere)

Kindertotenlieder (1901-04, arr. Cassomenos)

Voyage à la terre de l’enchantement (world premiere)

Reflections (1999)