Press, Play - Sweet is the Torment

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An impassioned musical and visual adventure

Sweet is the Torment is a collaborative, multi-media work curated by some of Melbourne’s most innovative and creative artists working across a range of media and musical styles.

Taking the sensuous splendor of Monteverdi’s madrigals as a point of departure, Sweet is the Torment draws on a range of historical influences to create a musical journey in time from the sumptuous beauty of High Renaissance, via the liturgical purity of Baroque, to the unpredictable whimsy of Modernity.

Press, Play invite you on an impassioned musical and visual adventure as words, sounds, and images collide and coalesce in a tapestry of seamless beauty and timelessness.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Press, Play


Press, Play
Melryn Quaife soprano
Alexandra Sherman mezzo-soprano
Kaylie Melville percussion


Giacinto Scelsi

Claudio Monteverdi (arr. Sarcich)
Con Che Soavita

Kaija Saariaho
Si Dolce è il Tormento

Claudio Monteverdi (arr. Sarcich)
Si Dolce è il Tormento

George Crumb
A Little Suite for Christmas

Claudio Monteverdi (arr. Sarcich)
Lamento d’Arianna

J.S. Bach (arr. J. Brahms and E. Moreno)
Chaconne in D minor

Claudio Monteverdi (arr. Munro)
Lamento della Ninfa

Claudio Monteverdi (arr. Sarcich)
Pur ti Miro, Pur ti Godo