Rhythm & Texture

Acacia Quartet


It’s about rhythms & textures in this string quartet program by Acacia Quartet.

The concert starts with Osvaldo Golijov’s ‘Tenebrae’, featuring pulsating, vibrating and aerial textures under haunting melodies. Dmitri Shostakovich’s String Quartet No.7 is dedicated to his first wife, written in 1960, five years after her death. Although short, the quartet shows all the drama of Shostakovich’s work – nervous energy and rapid pulses next to hypnotic lyrical passages.

Javier Alvarez’s ‘Metro Chabacano’, a dedication to one of Mexico City’s subway stations, is characterized by a continuous eighth-note movement with short melodic solos for all instruments.

In 1903 Maurice Ravel hoped to win the prestigious Rome Prize and impress his teacher Gabriel Fauré with his string quartet – neither prize win nor teacher praise was the result. It features many rhythms & textures, unusual at the time.

Presented by Acacia Quartet


Osvaldo Golijov

Dmitri Shostakovich
String Quartet No.7, Op.108

Lyle Chan
Andante Moderato

Javier Alvarez
Metro Chabacano

Maurice Ravel
String Quartet


Lisa Stewart violin 1
Myee Clohessy violin 2
Stefan Duwe viola
Anna Martin-Scrase cello