Schubert and Songfulness: Love in the Age of Syphilis



Baritone David Greco & Forte Pianist Erin Helyard present Schubert and Songfulness: Love in the Age of Syphilis

A delicious program of rare, and not so rare Schubertian gems, exploring the early 19th-century themes of fragmentation, longing and expressing the inexpressible in works by Schubert. The program includes the hauntingly beautiful ‘Nachtstück’, and the grotesque and dramatic account of the murder of a princess at the hands of her dwarf in ‘Der Zweg’.

Erin and David work closely on the cutting edge of Historically Informed Practise (HIP) in Australia. This recital presents the works of Schubert in a uniquely new way for modern audiences, employing forgotten practices of the day such as ornamentation and improvisation.

It showcases a new example of an early 19th-century piano, complete with bells and whistles!

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and the Centre of Excellence for History of Emotions, Australian Research Council and the University of Melbourne


David Greco baritone
Erin Helyard fortepiano