Solstice Trio - How We Remember

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Contemporary classical, ambient, post-minimal music with electronic elements.

Solstice are a contemporary piano trio based in Melbourne. The group focuses on performing, commissioning and arranging works which move away from traditional piano trio repertoire and span a wide range of musical genres, with a particular interest in performing works by local composers.

Solstice look to extend the concert experience, creating a space for social connection and the sharing of ideas. They do this by exploring and collaborating across diverse styles of music and art, seeking out unique performance spaces, using repertoire to draw links with contemporary themes and looking for different ways to engage the audience.

In How We Remember, Solstice Trio perform a program of new music by Australian and International composers which has been crafted around a soundscape of interview material exploring different states of remembering and forgetting. Compositional styles include contemporary classical, ambient, post-minimal music with electronic elements.

How We Remember is a musical exploration into the nature of remembering and forgetting. Through music and sound, the Trio examine the strength and fragility of memory and its effect on our lives and relationships.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Solstice Piano Trio


Georgina Lewis piano
Natasha Conrau violin
Stephanie Arnold cello