Songs from the Diaspora

Arts for Tolerance


Songs from the Diaspora: Arts for Tolerance

The second concert by Arts for Tolerance presents a program of Songs from the Diaspora. These songs arose from the displacement of people for reasons varying from slavery and genocide to emigration, and include songs of African American, Yiddish, Irish, Italian and African cultures.

The program features Michael Tippett’s arrangements of the five spirituals from Child of Our Time, inspired by the Kristallnacht and built around the five African American spirituals as universal songs of oppression. Artists include soprano Catriona DeVere, tenor Salvatore Granata, bass baritone Desmond Lukey, Anick Kalrehinyana and the Camberwell Chorale Chamber Choir conducted by Doug Heywood.

Presented by Tutti Productions and Arts for Tolerance


Catriona DeVere soprano
Salvatore Granata tenor
Desmond Lukey bass baritone
Anick Kalrehinyana voice
Camberwell Chorale Chamber Choir conducted by Doug Heywood