Spring Blossom, Autumn Harvest

Spring blossum


Join the Australian New Goldberg Orchestra in a thrilling evening, journeying through a feast of symphonic cultural splendor that is China’s Beijing Opera.

As one of the many traditional forms of Chinese Opera, Jing Ju, or Beijing Opera, has hundreds of years of history and timeless appeal. Its grand, charming and deep artistic expression quintessentially represent the spirit of Chinese culture, and as such has been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

In this one-time only concert, the Australian New Goldberg Orchestra takes to the stage with a breathtaking new experience fusing the artistry and tradition of Beijing Opera with the power and expression of the Western orchestral symphonic format. The centrepiece of the program features selections from Yang Ming’s and Jiang Chunyang’s Sister Jiang, a classic opera from 1960s, sung by the dazzling Yu Xiao Ping. She will be joined by Melbourne’s own Li Na, in an evening filled with numbers from The Red Flag, Ode to the Dragon River, The Azalea Mountain and many other operatic classics.

Presented by Australian New Goldberg Orchestra