Teeny Tiny Stevies


Please note, this concert is suitable for babies and toddlers


A children’s music project unlike anything you’ve heard before.

‘Kids music that doesn’t suck!’ Zoe Foster Blake

Teeny Tiny Stevies had their beginnings as a side project for Sibylla and Bethany Stephen’s alt-folk-pop band The Little Stevies. It all began when Sibylla’s first child hit ‘toilet training’ age. When she asked childcare if there were any books or songs to help introduce the idea of going to the toilet she was handed just one basic storybook. After an online search revealed even less, the penny dropped — they should write their own. Identifying other challenges children face universally, they decided to use each one as a topic to write a song about.

Their debut release Useful Songs for Little People includes songs about getting dressed on your own, being patient, having a new baby brother or sister on the way, eating well, non-traditional (but very normal) family units, using manners and much more.

Join this alt-folk-pop band this September school holidays and sing about all the challenges of being a kid.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre