Band of Brothers - Telepathy



This coupling of Australia’s most respected musical siblings was meant to be.

The similarities are uncanny: both sets of brothers come from musical families and were brought up in environments that encouraged music and individuality. Each duo has garnered acclaim both locally and internationally. Each has ARIA awards (7 awards and 35 nominations in total) and each has collaborated with some of the world’s finest musicians in genres as diverse as jazz, classical, bluegrass, folk and contemporary music from around of the globe. Challenging traditional musical forms and pushing boundaries is what they do best.

Slava and Leonard, Joseph and James – one super group, two sets of siblings, four internationally acclaimed musicians. Whichever way you look at it, this brotherly collaboration displays sibling revelry at its best. Slava and Leonard Grigoryan are regarded as two of Australia’s finest classical guitarists. Joseph Tawadros is a master of the oud, whilst James has made a name for himself as a world-class percussionist specialising on the req, an Egyptian tambourine. Performances by Band of Brothers are marked by group artistry of the highest order with repertoire that crosses cultural and stylistic barriers. Combining technical virtuosity and improvisation, audiences are taken on a musical journey defying categorisation.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Grigoryan Brothers


Slava and Leonard Grigoryan
Joseph and James Tawadros