School Matinee Concert

The Manganiyar Classroom

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This concert is suitable for school groups years 5-12


Theatre director Roysten Abel, famous for The Manganiyar Seduction, returns to Melbourne with The Manganiyar Classroom.

The Manganiyars are a heredity class of Sufi Muslim musicians from the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. They traditionally performed for royalty and wealthy patrons, and earned great renown for their musicianship. Abel’s acclaimed Manganiyar Seduction brought this largely unknown folk and classical music to the world stage. And now, he returns to the Manganiyar strongholds to create The Manganiyar Classroom, featuring the youngest members of the community.

With 35 young Manganiyar boys what Abel attempts in this production is not just an introduction to the glorious musical reserves of this community, but a kind of activism. He brings to centre stage an India that is not so shining but left far behind.

In this one-hour performance, the Manganiyar kids stun you with their talent – each of them a repository of song, dance and rhythm. However, at the end of the performance, there is a painful recognition of how they are doomed to be carriers of a tradition, forgotten to be included in the programs of ‘progress’.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre by arrangement with Arts Projects Australia in association with Asia TOPA & Arts Centre Melbourne


Curriculum Connections

Themes / Ideas explored:

Folk and Classical Music
Creativity and Expression
Education and Learning

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Humanities: Civics & Citizenship


Critical and Creative Thinking
Personal and Social

Cross Curriculum Priorities

Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia